Some Tips To Keep Your House Clean

It would be super great if we could afford a residential cleaning service to keep your house clean.    A maid always there to pick up all of our  mess that may happen.  A maid is probably not in most people's budget so  scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, and making the beds is up to us.  Here are a few cleaning tips to make things easier and to help you keep a very clean house.

The first rule is to always put things back in there place as soon as you are done using them.  It only takes a few seconds
and keeps your home tidy looking.  Take a moment to clean up any mess when you first spot it.  It is a great habit to
'clean as you go' and your home will never look nasty and unkept. 

Mess and clutter seem to grow when left unattended.
You may even install some pride in your family and motivate them to clean any mess that may happen right away.   It is
their house too.

Kitchen sinks are a very big part of the house to keep clean.  Wash the dishes as soon as possible and always clean the
sink with a little soap and water every time.   This prevents dirt and odors from building up and making a small chore


The least fun room to clean is the most important.  Most people neglect to clean the bathroom sometimes and
this is not good.  Bacteria thrives in the bathroom and keeping it clean is very necessary for health reasons.  Take a few
minutes to clean the bathroom (especially the toilet) on a regular basis.  It will save you extra time and effort in the
long run, not to mention illnesses caused by germs.

Keeping your house clean does not have to be a hard chore.  A surprise knock on the door does not have to cause shame.
A quick and simple routine, done often, helps keep your house clean.  Good luck and if it is just too much work for you give us a call at Diva House Cleaners 914. 218. 6017 to schedule a cleaning.

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